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Noooo wayyyy

Aurelie Lebon

6 Jan 2024

Literally screwed up

Louder speakers and dancing at home? It sounds weird? Honestly, to me too...

But was amazing!

First of all, personally, I go crazy for DJ Rosa Alekseev's music selection, sooo danceable, and it was a true party with a true DJ which plays on direct, speaks to the people and is the first sparkle of it own party. Not as some supposed event where actually is no DJ at all, who organize doesn't care to be present and just a desputable music routine play on.

That is why a big part of the good vibes comes from Carl Fravel the organizer, the first attendant and a nice Master of Ceremony.

What about how many people? Not so much, right? I agree! They should be more, but every one was present was involved and express this through the emote dance, setting the dancefloor on fire. I appreciate less but involved as crowded and than the avatars run a random emote. You can clearly perceive when someone communicate with you through emote, or just has leave the avatar running a random emote while make other on PC or watch TV.

Like always in the Metaverse, the people are the magic part, if the people is not involved, is just a mechanical clicking and all the magic goes away.

And last but not the last one, the time! The event take one hour long and starts on 07:00 PM on European Time Zone, ideal timing if your aim to reach european people, not so late and not so early.

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