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Gaia's "emotions" hosted by Expo Universale

26 Jul 2023

I am not drawing any person, I am drawing their emotions...

Gaia, an 8-year-old Italian girl was there, drawing on the dining table of the beach house in a hot Italian summer, with a fan pointed at her and full of sheets, colors, felt-tip pens and watercolors scattered everywhere.

When asked who was drawing, she replies that she wasn't drawing any people, but she was drawing their emotions.

There is no discussion of artist's brushstrokes or abstract conceptuality, also because they are drawings made with a dull pencil on the back of the homework sheets for the summer holidays by a simple eight-year-old girl, but it's about that moment when you realize that such a small human being can possess such an artistic sense.

A collection of 4 pieces chosen from different "emotions" is on display at Expo Universale located on the fifth floor of the Hellvetyans's Palace.

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