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DJ Rabbit occupy Makumba

Aurelie Lebon

7 Apr 2024

First organized party ever at Makumba Social Club

I know, I know, still partying But, as we know, events and parties are the economic and social backbone of Decentraland and could this party be any less? Yes of course!!!

Seriousness was kept out with only frivolity allowed access.

And then to be honest, I personally love DJ Rabbit's way of entertaining the audience, who by fulfilling his audience's requests for specific songs, gives the whole thing an atmosphere of general involvement all its own.

And I also know that to organize a party in DCL you don't need any special skills, and in fact I don't have theme, after all, I am and remain a fu*king NOOB... But proud to put her little stone on the building of the Decentraland.

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